Inkom City Facility Reservations

Please call the Inkom City Hall at 208-775-3372 to make your reservation.

Fees for Skyline & Stuart Park—

NOTE: Payment is required to secure your reservation and must be received at the city office within two weeks of selecting your desired dates. Upon receipt of your payment, the city will send you a confirmation e-mail along with instructions on obtaining a key and information about the security deposit (if applicable).

City ResidentsFee$15
Sales Tax$.90
Sales Tax$1.80

Skyline Pavilion—

This is a popular location for family gatherings, reunions and parties. The Pavilion has a sheltered dining area, bathrooms, kitchen area, fireplace, playground and horseshoe pits.

General rules for use—

  1. Renting the Skyline Pavilion gives you exclusive use of the pavilion, but not the park itself.
  2. Supply your own cleaning equipment and supplies.
  3. The park closes at 12:00 midnight (no exceptions).
  4. Respect residents who live near the park. Loud noise or abusive language is prohibited.
  5. DO NOT tamper with the electrical breaker box!
  6. After use, you must:
  • Wash off tables and chairs, sweep floor, wipe up floor spills, clean restrooms, sinks and empty all trash containers.
  • Pick up all liter on the premises.
  • Return all equipment and keys to the city office the next business day.

Additional regulations—

Read Title 12, Chapter 12.20 BEFORE making your reservation. They apply to all public parks and you are responsible for abiding by them.

NOTE: A $20 cleaning and damage deposit is required and will be returned if facilities are left clean and undamaged.

Stuart Park Shelter and Soccer/Ball Field—

Park is multi-use for a variety of sports including football. Rental is required for the shelter only.

Glen Peck Baseball Fields—

Fields are for baseball/softball games only. No rental is required but reservations are recommended.